Why don't you list prices on your website?

Every project is unique, and each structure is specially designed to fit your location and purpose. This also includes things like local snow load requirements. Accessories added to the structure also impact the price. These are the reasons that we don’t list generic prices. Instead, we calculate the price for your specific project, meaning your structure is priced exactly to your needs and specifications.

How do I maintain my steel building?

A steel building is quite low maintenance, requiring very little in the way of physical upkeep. Just removing debris that can sometimes collect on the roof is usually all that’s required.

What can I use my steel building for?

Our customers use steel buildings for lots of things, including:

  • Garages for any kind of vehicle
  • Warehouses for commercial/industrial businesses
  • Hangars for any size of aircraft
  • Municipal Buildings for storage and garages
  • Workshops and Studios for hobbes or repair work
  • Storage of just about anything
  • Field and Farm Buildings for housing livestock, machinery, grains or crops
  • Cabins for hunting or living in
  • Commercial buildings for any sort of business
What size buildings do you sell?

Each project that we build is completely custom and can be sized to your exact needs and specifications. We have built structures as small as a backyard toolshed and as large as commercial airport hangars that house multiple Boeing 747 airliners. The size is completely up to you.

Can't I just buy a steel building from the internet?

Although you could purchase e a standard “kit” building that’s designed for general use, we don’t supply those buildings. We design each building to fit the specific requirements of your site, and intended use. 

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